Half Marathon Training


Welp, it’s official!  I have signed up for my fifth half marathon!  You can read about Megan and I’s last half marathon in Wilmington here.

It’s funny to think that when I started running longer distances in college it was a huge endeavor to run 13.1 miles.  Now, I love it!  I think it is a great distance becuase it is a challege, but not as time consuming as running a full marathon (although I would like to run a full in the next year or two–if I can convince my hubby to train with me :) )  I’ve gotten a couple questions from friends about what training plan I ususally use…..so here it is!

My favorite free ones are from Hal Higdon.  He has  multiple ones for different distances and levels. I like them because they allow days for cross training and rest.  I usually end up mixing the days of the week depending on what’s going on in my life.  If I look at the weather and its calling for -10 degrees and snow on Saturday, but a warm 40 degrees and sunshine on Sunday…..I switch my long run to that day…make it work for you!

My best friend from college and I are running this half marathon together.  Since she doesn’t live near by we decided to be ‘virtual’ training buddies.  We are using the intermediate Hal Higdeon program, and of course adjusting it to fit our needs.  I like to do body pump, spin class, and body step each 1 x week, so I switched some of the days around to fit that into my schedule.  I’ve found if I just stick with just running the whole training period….I get burnt out.  It’s improtant to add in other cardio activities you ENJOY and to help prevent injuries and stay on track.

I of course will be using my Garmin Forerunner 10 on my runs.  It does a great job of keeping track of my distance and keeping me on pace.  Fingers crossed we can beat my PR from my last half marathon!

Anyone else training for any races?

LJ and I enjoyed a long weekend in San Francisco a couple weeks ago.  I will be back to post some pictures soon :)






  1. I’m going to be doing my 2nd soon… Just got to decide which race and get this chest pain situation under control :) hehe. What are you doing April 12/13? Any interest in Hershey 10k?

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